The Brief

Thanks to the fantastic relationship Bartuf has with News UK, we were once again asked to help. This time, to find a solution for their ‘My Perfect Shop’ project. A range of units were needed, tailored for various roles, each with varying levels of branding and product volumes. All with the primary roll of promoting The Sun.

Speed was of the essence with this project. News UK had seen the opportunity and needed to move as quickly as possible.

In a matter of weeks, we needed to design and develop five units, two of which were retrofit items to a unit we developed previously.

The Solution

To help us achieve the brief, we drew upon our experience to ensure product presentation was the most crucial element of the display.

To achieve the premium look and feel to the unit, time was spent investigating the most suitable materials and process.

The units are intended to stay in their location for some time, so durability was important.